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Project Overview

The Draft Environmental Document is available for review at the "Draft Env Doc" Tab.

Project Location

Click on the map below to view a larger version.
The image is a map that shows the three project locations along I-580

The Project is located on three segments of Interstate 580 (I-580) between post miles (PM) 41.43 and 44.81 within the City of Oakland in Alameda County, California.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this Project is to bring the existing undercrossings and bridges into
conformity with current state and federal highway design standards, to improve the
condition of these assets, and to maintain connectivity between the communities in
these areas. The Project will preserve the structural integrity of the undercrossings and
demolish two pedestrian overcrossings (POCs) in a safe, economic manner that
prevents bridge failure and maintains connectivity between communities in the Project

The Project is needed because Caltrans Structures Maintenance and Investigations (SM&I) has identified the current barrier railings at the three undercrossings to be in need of replacement to meet current safety standards. The Fruitvale Avenue and Broadway-Richmond Boulevard Undercrossings were identified as also needing seismic retrofits. The existing Santa Clara Avenue and Van Buren Avenue pedestrian overcrossings do not meet current seismic design standards, current vertical clearance standards, or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. 

The existing pedestrian overcrossings currently provide a connection and safe crossing of I-580 between the Grand Lake and Adams Point neighborhoods of the City of Oakland. However, because the overcrossings are structurally deficient and don’t meet current standards, they must be demolished, but this connection between Grand Lake and Adams Point needs to be maintained. Due to elevation change between the touchdown areas of the existing pedestrian overcrossings and geometric constraints, an ADA-complaint replacement pedestrian overcrossing is unable to be built at the same location. The Project’s two build alternatives were developed to address maintaining connectivity between these two communities.

Project Description

Caltrans proposes to upgrade existing non-standard bridge barrier railings to current
standards at the Fruitvale Avenue Undercrossing at postmile (PM) R41.43, the Broadway-Richmond Boulevard UC at PM 44.51, and the Webster Street UC at PM 44.81, all of which are located along I-580 in the City of Oakland. Seismic retrofits of both the Broadway-Richmond Boulevard Undercrossing and the Fruitvale Avenue Undercrossing are also proposed. Additionally, Caltrans proposes to demolish two pedestrian overcrossings spanning over I-580, the Santa Clara Avenue pedestrian overcrossing at PM 43.76 and the Van Buren Avenue pedestrian overcrossing at PM 43.75. While these are technically two separate pedestrian overcrossings, they function as one pedestrian overcrossing system that crosses I-580 and are considered to be a single pedestrian overcrossing by the general public.

The Project has three alternatives, two of them build alternatives with some project improvements common to both, and one No-Build Alternative. Please view the "Project Alternatives" Tab for more information.

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